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It happened again. Your check engine light is glowing, and you have no idea why. Or maybe you have an idea about why, but you certainly want to be certain. But figuring it out is just the start – there’s the actual maintenance or repairs that may be necessary as well. You could start searching “car service near me," or you could visit our Jeep®, Dodge, Chrysler, and RAM service center.

Engine Checks and Our Service Center

While that check engine light on in your Dodge Charger or Jeep Compass, is certainly an annoying sight, St. Cloud, MN drivers should view it as an opportunity for an easy engine diagnosis. When you bring your car, truck, or SUV to our A.M. Maus and Son service center, you’ll get a one-stop shop to get your vehicle back in business. We can access your car’s computer and use the stored trouble code to figure out exactly what’s wrong.

It’s best to come in right away when you see that check engine light come on, because even seemingly small problems can become bigger ones if not caught early. For instance, a loose gas cap might not cause an immediate crash, but it can allow fuel vapors to escape, increasing your vehicle’s emissions and lowering your gas mileage. And a check engine light can indicate a more serious problem as well, like problems with your spark plugs that could lead to an engine misfire.

Vehicle Service near St. Cloud

Diagnosis is just the beginning. When you bring your Chrysler car or RAM truck to our service center, our expert service technicians won’t just figure out why your check engine is on, they’ll fix the problem. So don’t just wonder why your check engine light is suddenly illuminated – let us get it taken care of.

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